Saturday, 12 December 2009

Looking ahead...

If theres one thing i have learned from 2009, its that in alot of situations its allways best to look ahead, regardless of what has happened or is happening at that exact moment. Don't dwell. Today for example, i just cant seem to do right by anyone. I feel like everything today has been a choice of either loose or, loose. So i find myself once again, looking ahead. This is aside from the fact that i have plenty of other things to worry about, especially as my son has flu. I tell myself as i sit munching on puff mince pies and some Chai that this wont last forever and there are much better times ahead. If you do find yourself concentrating on whatever shit life has thrown at you, it will damage you more in the long run. The person that said to 'Live for the moment' has alot to answer for.
That said, looking ahead all the time isnt allways a good thing. It takes your mind away from things that really need to get done, usually the mundane chores that allways seem to become huge mountains within seconds.
Its all about working out the balance between staying postive by planning for the future, and getting things that need to be done out the way as soon as possible.

In all the fantasising i've done today i've come to the conclusion i must start some new projects. You never know i might actually be able to finish peoples gifts!

I LOVE Amy Butler. I love her designs, i love her fabrics, everything. I think alot of inspiration for peoples gifts will come from some of her wonderful books this year.
Perhaps i'll have enough offcuts to get busy with one of her quilt patterns!

She has some fantastic free patterns available here!

So i guess now ive just got to decide on what i want to do. Sewing, baking, cake decorating, knitting or maybe even crochet? hmmm, i do have that stunning cashmerino yarn by Debbie Bliss i need to use....

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