Saturday, 30 January 2010

Poorly sick :(

I've felt like complete crap today.
A couple of days ago I bit my lip, and since then I have been constantly catching it, and biting it again.
Now, its horrible :( Its also weeping which is what I think is making me sick.

Dyllans new scarf is coming along nicely, now that I have finally decided on what I want it to be.

I think I had better go now, before I really am sick :(

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Never looking down, I'm just in awe of whats infront of me...

As I write this I am sat in the most glorious sunliight in my back garden. The only thing that reminds me what time of year is, is the very light breeze thats nipping my hands every now and then. Dyllans napping, we are all full from sunday roast and I have a glass of rosé in my hand. Happiness.

I suppose I have some explaining to do, don't I? So much has been going on! Firstly, I'm seeing someone and that has been keeping me very busy! We don't get to spend alot of time together which is a bit pants, but its a small price to pay. Progress has been made on the house. Slow, but progress is progress!

I'm currently planning Dylly man's new room, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in with that.
Another 'new' in my life is that I have started Weight Watchers. Can't say I'm doing brilliantly on it, but I am loosing the odd couple of lbs.
On the crafty side, things have been very slow indeed. Buying the new stuff for Dyll's room and an emergency new cot/bed purchase have put an immediate halt on all things crafty. With Valentines just around the corner though, I'm hoping things will start picking up soon? Speaking of crafting, I must start designing some new jewellery ready in time for Cowes Week. Can I do it? We shall see...

I hope this dry spell sticks around a bit. At least for as long as it will take me to do some much needed gardening!

Now to make it up to you for my severe lack of posting, heres a major load of pictures :)


EDIT: Don't quite know whats going on with the pictures :/

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year!

How was everyone's new years evening then?

I spent my evening in down in Ventnor with wonderful company, and some added random idiots but i suppose it just wouldnt be a night out without them would it? I had a lovely time, allthough it did shock me to see just how immature some people can be, and i'm talking about people the cant be far off a free bus pass.
I like to think myself lucky that i can rise above the situations that these people can often create. It's also a reminder of just how lucky i am to have friends like i do.

I did make a mistake though. For some reason when the night started i couldnt feel the cold, and ventured out in a sleeveless top. I covered up when the night had finished, but in the morning i realised that i couldnt feel the tops of my arms or, oddly, my chest and boob tops. Now the feelings come back but i do still have horrible red and pink blotches. What did we learn kids? Wrap up! Time to start on a huge chunky knit scarf me thinks!

So the Chrimbo Limbo is now over, and its all back to normal apart from the stabbing cold. This is when my mood really takes a tumble. I dont do cold. When the warm weather goes, so does my motivation, and the only thing thats stopping me from being absorbed into my sofa is my little toddling terror! As awesome as he is, i can only take so much of him watching me arrange things, packing things away and generally tidying up, then coming over and piece by piece take out everything i have put away. Dont ever let him see you pack a bag for christs sake!

Times like this, mean that i have to constantly be on the look out for the little things in my life that pick me up. Coffee, Chic homeware, a little birdie popping onto the window ledge to say hi, time with friends, new yarn that 'feels just right'.
Today i had a few of these things hit me in the face to snap me out of gloom. It would be rude of me not to share right?

A new clock from Tesco, in retro cream.

The rest unfortunately i dont have pictures for :( but hopefully you'll be reading this with such concentration you can imagine it all the same!! I love flowers. My favourite flowers are Frangipanis, but because i live in horrible cold England you dont really see them. You can buy them as indoor plants from select specialists, but unless you have a heated conservatory, i wouldnt bother, too much money and if you buy them from seed, they take 7 years to flower. So a close second in my list of beautiful flowers, is the ever faithful Peony. Love them to bits! I love how for that short period of time in spring their huge blooms explode and shatter anything crap thats going on. The bowl sized heads drowning the leaves of the plant. Generally a stunning and dramatic flower. And today in Tesco, i saw a small bunch of them for £6. Peonies! in JANUARY! Alas, the only ones left werent as magnificent as i would like them, but still, PEONIES!

I (heart) Frangipani

The Peony

And when i stepped on the scales this morning i have lost 3lb :)