Thursday, 25 February 2010

Blogging fail.

Yes ok, I know. I suck.
First off I really ballsed up with the dates of the Make it! event. Turns out its actually this weekend and I'm going up tomorow (I know I should be in bed!). Still looking forward to it like mad, craft shopping is good for the soul!

I confess, I have had distractions as of late. Last week consisted of several surprises, 99% of which I have just realised, involved a hospital. Everything and everyones fine though which is a relief. Other distractions have been getting myself back on the bike in an attempt to shift these 'Michellin Man' style rolls of flab that are eating ME alive. I stepped up on the scales earlier and hey hey! I've lost another lb! Its really slow going, but for someone that hasnt cut out the crap foods completley, 6lb in one month I think, is quite impressive ;)
Another distraction is something secret. What I can reveal to you though is that even though I've got alot of crap going on at the moment, I have never been happier ;)

I decided the other day that I should really pull my finger out and start painting again. I never used to earn alot of money, but enough to have some pocket money. I've also got 3 sets of wedding stationary to do all booked up to do by the summer so hopefully that will bring back my little spark.

I shall be reporting straight from the event tomorow. Until then, I must sleep x

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Love is...

Having the best friends anyone could ever ask for. These are no ordinary people, they are some of the kindest, thoughtful and amazingly awesome people to ever walk this earth.
And I am so so grateful that I can call them my friends.

To me, Valentines day isn't just for couples. Its a day where you can go totally overboard expressing your love for someone, be it a family member or a friend. So consider this please, my little tribute to all the people in my life who keep me going. I love you all so much xoxo

I can't tell you how excited I am about this coming weekend. Its the big 'Make It!' event in Farnborough and I live for it! The only thing that dissapoints me with these big events, is that there are never any sugar craft exhibitors. Ok, so we have our own show, but surely just one stand of decorators supplies would be beneficial to the scene? Especially when at the moment everyones going batshit for home baking, AMIRITE???

I'll post the details of the show for you in the morning x

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

To the person that took my mojo...

Can I have it back now please?

Since I've been sick (which I'm still not 100% over :( ) I've hit a dead end. Every last bit of motivation has just gone leaving my mind frazzled and deflated.
I can't seem to find inspiration in anything right now. Yes, there are some stresses in the background, but nothing that would usually pull me away from getting crafty.
I have semi finished the LO's scarf, all knitted but I'm going to crochet around the edges (when I can force myself to pick up that hook that is...).

On Saturday I treated myself to some Amy Butler fabric from her latest midwest range and a new pattern. I am looking forward to getting that started though, I haven't sewn for ages.
I was also really very naughty, and bought Benefit's new 'Sugarbomb' powder. It smells devine and its a highlighter, bronzer allmost, face powder, blusher all rolled into one box containing the 4 shades. Its lovely, it really is, Miss Laing??? this one is for you!

Today has also been a very sad day. It was the funeral of an old friend who I had the misfortune of drifting apart from. His name was Andy (Pandy). He was a motorcycle rider who was killed by an oncoming car that turned infront of him. He was 22. He was a lovely young man. I couldnt make it to the funeral, which by all accounts was a sight to see with people turning up in flourescent raving gear.

R.I.P Pandy XXX