Friday, 19 March 2010

A very personal post...

Why are we taught that people who are abusive, behave the way they do because they are troubled themselves? In thinking this way, we automatically brush off negative behaviour towards ourselves and become more concerned with the abusers feelings and trying to help them.
The problem is that not every abuser has problems, and that having this outlook on their behaviour just prolongs your suffering and will ultimately destroy you.
We should be taught to know the difference between the troubled, and just plain trouble.
Libraries can be full of text on how to cope and helped the troubled, but why is it considered allmost taboo to talk about the type of people who can't be helped? We need to know how to spot these 'emotional vampires', how to get away and also to stay away.

You cannot help these people.

Attempting to do so will only be damadging to yourself and loved ones.

The attitude towards abuse in the home needs to change.

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Happy Hinamatsuri!!

Today, March 3rd, is Hinamatsuri, the Japanese festival of dolls also known as, Girls day.

Want to get clued up on the history of Hinamatsuri? Go here!

And to get you into the party spirit...

A song about Hinamatsuri!

Monday, 1 March 2010

What a weekend!

I feel like I have been dragged through a hedge backwards, and on friday, I nearly was!

I kept trying to post an update, but the signal just wouldnt hold out :( might have had something to do with the fact that we were in the firing line of gale force winds. When your in a huge 'tent' it can get pretty scary. The structure of the building itself is pretty much, a huge steel frame with canvas over the roof and plastic boards for the sides. Yeah it was interesting. There was one point where people were leaving it was getting so hairy, and there were a couple of panels that blew out too. I managed to snap a quick video at the quietest point of the day, I wouldve got a better one but I was paranoid about my battery.

The steel beams are supposed to bend and I'm sure theres been worse winds, but when you see and hear them really being put to the test its pretty awesome. And the noise, was deafening!

Saturday and sunday I was looking forward to playing with my goodies and sharing them all with you. Unfortunately I spent every spare second I had fixing my parent's computer. I'm so traumatised by it, I'm not ready to talk about it.

I did managed to start on a few things though, but sharing them all would be terribly naughty of me. There suprises instore ;)