Friday, 30 April 2010

The Mad Tea Party 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Familiars and Wild things...

You are cordially invited to the Mad Tea Party 2010, Hosted by the fabulous Fanciful Twist!

The date has been set so it's all systems go for the Tea Party of the year!
For more information on the parties and to sign up, hop on over to Fanciful Twist's invitation post

I Can't wait :)

Thursday, 29 April 2010


This award has been passed onto me from the lovely Suburban Mummy!

Time to share with you all the things I am grateful for.

My Son - He is my everything. He is the reason I'm here and he is what gets me through.

My Friends - There are certain people in my life who I love so very dearly. Some are close, some are far away and some I have never even met face to face. These wonderful souls have kept my head above water and also kicked me up the backside when I needed it. Living in this little bubble of mine means my friends are my only key to the 'outside world'. They are proof that there are still good people left in this world. The support they give me is irreplaceable, especially when it comes to parenting. If I can be half the mum imcountingufoz and suburbanmummy are then I'll be happy :)

Strength - My life may not be perfect to some people, but I'm still here. And I'm not stopping any time soon.

These are the three most important things to me in the whole world. After you have had everything ripped from you, you realise bad decisions. Also, after a time, you realise that it could be the best thing that ever happened to you. Good riddance to bad rubbish right?

Having these things in my life, I can do anything!

I'll tag some people when I have them ;) lol

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Adventures in the sunshine.

So where have I been? All over the place if truth be told!
First there was Avebury.

Avebury is a neolithic henge in Wiltshire. It is the largest megalithic complex that has ever been made in Britain.

I used to come here alot some time ago, when I was into all the neo-paganism and druidism. But even as an adult I'm still impressed at the sheer magnitude of this site and the fact that you're surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain.
Its a wonderful walk, and I strongly encourage you to pick up a guide so as you walk youre almost 'in tune' with the history. Dyllan loved it. There is so much space he can run around until he drops like alot of the other children that visit the site. The day we went there were groups of Mums and babies, playgroups, local druids, photographers and general ramblers proving that anyone can appreciate the stunning surroundings.
So please don't be put off by the stereotypical touristy 'Love spell' packets! Oh and the local pub is also worth a mention, right in the heart of the circles!

Avebury Web - A really good site explaining all significant stones, the ditches and the circles themselves. A recommended guide!
Avebury Wiki
National Trust

(This stone is MASSIVE!)

Then there was a lovely Saturday with my BFF Steph. I dont see her enough, I love her and her family to bits! It was just a simple day really. A bit of shopping, a Nandos lunch and then lazing around on the grass drinking beer in the sun, finished off with another amazing meal at my favourite resturant Zen Southampton. Simple, but perfect!

Later that evening we got caught up in the celebrations of P&O's new ship the Azura, which as far as ships go, is quite pretty. It was the official naming and the docks were filled to the brim as the fireworks started. I'm not really a fan of fireworks, stems from an incident at a school bonfire night when I was a young child, But I can appreciate the huge pretty ellaborate ones. These, pissed all over Cowes Week fireworks from start to finish ;)

Yesterday, we went searching for 'THE' Eagle. For the past couple of years, this bird has had the local bird watchers up in arms. Could someone really have spotted an Eagle??? On the Isle of Wight? Reports of sightings trickled in and rumors were rife. We have a pretty good variety of native birds of prey here, but an Eagle?
Well, it must like it here, because not only has it been sighted more and more, it has been photographed. Positively, most definately, without a doubt, EAGLE.
Now, my Dad is a bird watcher or, 'Twitcher' as they are commonly known. He has waited and waited to see this eagle with his own eyes and on Thursday, he did. Did he have his camera out? Hell no. Too engrossed in the awesomeness of this huge bird.
Dad confirmed that it was indeed an 'escapee' from somewhere, as it had the remains of Jesses on its legs, allthough it looked like it had been out in the wild for sometime as there was hardly any left from where it had been trying to chew them off over time.
So we decided to stop off at the top of St Bonniface down, to see what we could see. Its a lovely view up there anyway, looking down on Luccombe Chine. We didnt see the eagle, but it was mid afternoon so we were really expecting much!

I did find this confused building though...

Oh, and for those interested, here is the eagle in all its glory!
IOWBirds - Golden Eagle.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Normal service shall resume shortly.

I've had a bit of a rollercoaster of emotions lately. The kind of stress and worry that makes you stay away from your blog in the great fear of writing it all down and it actually becoming 'real'.

This is just a flying visit to say that I am still here (I think...) and that soon I'll be posting properly, sharing what I've been up to with lots of pictures!

Love and wine, xxx

Tuesday, 6 April 2010


It was a very different Easter for me this year. No orders for cakes, cards or even eggs made for a very strange run up to Easter period. The biggest difference, was that all my gifts for people, such as eggs and cakes were store bought, something that I thought would never happen. I always try even in the midst of baking and chocolate making chaos to give as many homemade goodies to family and friends as I can.
A combination of things contributed to this, such as not having an oven. I do have an oven, a brand new one infact, but for some reason, my countertops are unusually high, and I need a kitchen fitter to build a base for the cooker to stand on before it can be connected to the gas. All in all, I'm fed up with it.

Easter Sunday was fun. My brother noticed that the 'big blue gates' of the 'big blue fence' that surrounded the old nature reserve for the past 7 years had been knocked down. This area of woodland was boarded off to be sold to developers, much to everyones disgust as it was a nature reserve, good place to walk your dog and was an important part of the East Cowes Castle estate. They have finally started building on where GKN and Westland Aircraft once was, and we should have a waitrose by the end of the year!
I spent so much of my childhood playing in these woods, it was begging to be explored!

Now, a guilty pleasure of mine is trespassing, but I am in no way encouraging anyone to do it. OK? Besides, the door was open :3

 The local children were all in on the act too. My brother and I had to tell them to stay back though as the areas we were trying to get to are pretty dangerous.

This is where they are building the new Waitrose. Back when GKN was still operating here, this place was so much fun for sneaking around at night, dodging all the security guards. When Metal Gear Solid was released we couldnt help but try and recreate missions etc from the game. This place was just too perfect for it. We used to make little dens or 'Bases' as we used to call them in their dump area. Full of huge wooden crates and furniture, perfect!

The Red Funnel Ferry being all Ninja like...

You see this tree? This was the ULTIMATE climbing tree. Once, I climbed right to the top, but then fell down into the brambles that surrounded it :( Yes it hurt, but I felt awesome. 

And, I managed to snap this little guy before he flew away! :) 

Saturday, 3 April 2010


Hoarders is a show over the other side of the pond broadcast on the channel A&ETV.

In a nutshell, it focuses on compulsive hoarding. But this is no ordinary hoarding. You need to be rivalling Mr Trebus , and living like the Troll Lady from the film Labyrinth to even be in the running for the chance to get on this show.

But wait, theres more. Its not just trash and poop thats hidden, or should I say on public display, in these homes. These people also like to collect decomposing and mummified animals. Cat lovers or the sqeemish? Look away now.

Oh yes. This is the kind of dedication you need to be on this show.

The woman in this particular episode (Season 2 Ep01) commented on this wonderful event of finding not one, but TWO very dead cats, saying that over the years, cats have gone missing.
May I point out that through the clearing process, the team came to the conclusion that these cats had been there for at least 9 years.

So next time your feeling a bit worn out with housework, give this show a watch. You'll laugh, cry and be generally mortified all at once!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

R.I.P Elspeth Thompson 1961-2010

A co-writer of one of my favourite books, 'Homemade' has passed away aged 48 :(

She was so inspirational, and taken from us far too soon.

The Telegraph have an obituary for her.

My thoughts are with her family and friends xxx

Time to relax.

Gosh, what a month that was!

There were some good points though. The sun has been out, the weather has been...interesting?

My son turned 18 months, and he had his little photoshoot for the Island's Child of the Year contest. I think for 99% of the mums, this contest is more of a pride thing, as the disabled kids always win.

And of course, flowers always cheer me up!

 I had to share this next picture with you!

The other morning I was washing up before breakfast, and things in the living room suddenly went quiet. A little too quiet...

Thankgod he was still in his PJs!!!!