Sunday, 25 April 2010

Adventures in the sunshine.

So where have I been? All over the place if truth be told!
First there was Avebury.

Avebury is a neolithic henge in Wiltshire. It is the largest megalithic complex that has ever been made in Britain.

I used to come here alot some time ago, when I was into all the neo-paganism and druidism. But even as an adult I'm still impressed at the sheer magnitude of this site and the fact that you're surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside in Britain.
Its a wonderful walk, and I strongly encourage you to pick up a guide so as you walk youre almost 'in tune' with the history. Dyllan loved it. There is so much space he can run around until he drops like alot of the other children that visit the site. The day we went there were groups of Mums and babies, playgroups, local druids, photographers and general ramblers proving that anyone can appreciate the stunning surroundings.
So please don't be put off by the stereotypical touristy 'Love spell' packets! Oh and the local pub is also worth a mention, right in the heart of the circles!

Avebury Web - A really good site explaining all significant stones, the ditches and the circles themselves. A recommended guide!
Avebury Wiki
National Trust

(This stone is MASSIVE!)

Then there was a lovely Saturday with my BFF Steph. I dont see her enough, I love her and her family to bits! It was just a simple day really. A bit of shopping, a Nandos lunch and then lazing around on the grass drinking beer in the sun, finished off with another amazing meal at my favourite resturant Zen Southampton. Simple, but perfect!

Later that evening we got caught up in the celebrations of P&O's new ship the Azura, which as far as ships go, is quite pretty. It was the official naming and the docks were filled to the brim as the fireworks started. I'm not really a fan of fireworks, stems from an incident at a school bonfire night when I was a young child, But I can appreciate the huge pretty ellaborate ones. These, pissed all over Cowes Week fireworks from start to finish ;)

Yesterday, we went searching for 'THE' Eagle. For the past couple of years, this bird has had the local bird watchers up in arms. Could someone really have spotted an Eagle??? On the Isle of Wight? Reports of sightings trickled in and rumors were rife. We have a pretty good variety of native birds of prey here, but an Eagle?
Well, it must like it here, because not only has it been sighted more and more, it has been photographed. Positively, most definately, without a doubt, EAGLE.
Now, my Dad is a bird watcher or, 'Twitcher' as they are commonly known. He has waited and waited to see this eagle with his own eyes and on Thursday, he did. Did he have his camera out? Hell no. Too engrossed in the awesomeness of this huge bird.
Dad confirmed that it was indeed an 'escapee' from somewhere, as it had the remains of Jesses on its legs, allthough it looked like it had been out in the wild for sometime as there was hardly any left from where it had been trying to chew them off over time.
So we decided to stop off at the top of St Bonniface down, to see what we could see. Its a lovely view up there anyway, looking down on Luccombe Chine. We didnt see the eagle, but it was mid afternoon so we were really expecting much!

I did find this confused building though...

Oh, and for those interested, here is the eagle in all its glory!
IOWBirds - Golden Eagle.

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