Tuesday, 6 April 2010


It was a very different Easter for me this year. No orders for cakes, cards or even eggs made for a very strange run up to Easter period. The biggest difference, was that all my gifts for people, such as eggs and cakes were store bought, something that I thought would never happen. I always try even in the midst of baking and chocolate making chaos to give as many homemade goodies to family and friends as I can.
A combination of things contributed to this, such as not having an oven. I do have an oven, a brand new one infact, but for some reason, my countertops are unusually high, and I need a kitchen fitter to build a base for the cooker to stand on before it can be connected to the gas. All in all, I'm fed up with it.

Easter Sunday was fun. My brother noticed that the 'big blue gates' of the 'big blue fence' that surrounded the old nature reserve for the past 7 years had been knocked down. This area of woodland was boarded off to be sold to developers, much to everyones disgust as it was a nature reserve, good place to walk your dog and was an important part of the East Cowes Castle estate. They have finally started building on where GKN and Westland Aircraft once was, and we should have a waitrose by the end of the year!
I spent so much of my childhood playing in these woods, it was begging to be explored!

Now, a guilty pleasure of mine is trespassing, but I am in no way encouraging anyone to do it. OK? Besides, the door was open :3

 The local children were all in on the act too. My brother and I had to tell them to stay back though as the areas we were trying to get to are pretty dangerous.

This is where they are building the new Waitrose. Back when GKN was still operating here, this place was so much fun for sneaking around at night, dodging all the security guards. When Metal Gear Solid was released we couldnt help but try and recreate missions etc from the game. This place was just too perfect for it. We used to make little dens or 'Bases' as we used to call them in their dump area. Full of huge wooden crates and furniture, perfect!

The Red Funnel Ferry being all Ninja like...

You see this tree? This was the ULTIMATE climbing tree. Once, I climbed right to the top, but then fell down into the brambles that surrounded it :( Yes it hurt, but I felt awesome. 

And, I managed to snap this little guy before he flew away! :) 


  1. I use to lots of this as a kid so much fun, and the risk involved was just as good! You'll love waitrose!

  2. When I'm in Southampton I try and get as much as I can from there. Its been a long time coming, they first spoke of it 6 years ago, but then kept pulling out.
    I go batshit for Waitrose, but what the island needed really, was an ASDA. Meh, at least its something! lol

  3. Hello! It was lovely to see you over at my blog! How did you find me? I've just enjoyed reading your archives. Lots of love, Amanda xxx