Saturday, 3 April 2010


Hoarders is a show over the other side of the pond broadcast on the channel A&ETV.

In a nutshell, it focuses on compulsive hoarding. But this is no ordinary hoarding. You need to be rivalling Mr Trebus , and living like the Troll Lady from the film Labyrinth to even be in the running for the chance to get on this show.

But wait, theres more. Its not just trash and poop thats hidden, or should I say on public display, in these homes. These people also like to collect decomposing and mummified animals. Cat lovers or the sqeemish? Look away now.

Oh yes. This is the kind of dedication you need to be on this show.

The woman in this particular episode (Season 2 Ep01) commented on this wonderful event of finding not one, but TWO very dead cats, saying that over the years, cats have gone missing.
May I point out that through the clearing process, the team came to the conclusion that these cats had been there for at least 9 years.

So next time your feeling a bit worn out with housework, give this show a watch. You'll laugh, cry and be generally mortified all at once!


  1. laugh, cry and be generally mortified was what I just experienced that looking at that photo!! Hehe.. At first I was like urrgghh, but now I cant stop laughing!!

  2. I think you've got to laugh or you will cry lol