Saturday, 29 May 2010

Pampers Pt.2!

Thanks for watching guys x

Sunday, 23 May 2010

WTF pampers???

I hope you can all take the time to watch this, and check out the links underneath.
Not an amazing Vlog but I hope I get my point across. Sort of hard when your fighting to stay awake!

KookBlogs: Pampers!? from Jaymee Bundell on Vimeo.

The thread
BBC Watchdog's article with video

Friday, 21 May 2010

Seemed like a good idea at the time...

I have been tagged by the charming Jon at JustaTypicalDad for his very first, very own meme!

*Drumroll plz*

5 Things I have done in my life that seemed like a good idea.

  • At school I decided that bunking off (playing truant) and hanging around with the wrong type of people was far more importnant than getting my GCSEs. My whole attitude was 'I'll worry about that later.' and in alot of way, it still is. I am glad that I got this rebel inside me out early, it's just a shame I didn't realise just how hard it would be to get qualified as an adult.
  • Very few of my relationships have been great. Why can't we have crystal ball when it comes to potential partners?
  • That burger. And those biscuits. And that pizza....the double dozen Krispy Kremes. 4 stone later...
  • There was once a...erm...encounter...of a sexual nature...and the lady and I were a bit (Ok, a lot) drunk, and things got quite...mad? Anyway, we're going at it like we were pornstars (you know, as you do) and in the throws of passion I somehow managed to fall (or fly) off the bed with my head hitting the bedside table. HARD. I had split my head open and there was blood everywhere. I needed stitches so off to A&E we went. We are both nurses and that night we knew all the staff that were on duty. They know what we're like, what's the harm of joking with them and telling the truth? The harm is my friend, that after 4 years people still talk about it.
  • Speaking of nursing, there have been thousands of occasions where on reflection perhaps should have been handled differently. Such as taking Mrs X off the commode, changing Mr Y's dressing before he had his bowels open, Letting Miss Z brush her own teeth and then finding the brush dissapearing down her incontinence pad.
So, off the top of my head, there are 5 things that really did, seem like a good idea at the time!

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Monday, 17 May 2010

BabyFirstTV - We are NOT happy with Sky!

BabyFirstTV is a wonderful channel created for babies and toddlers that provides parents with an interactive tool to aid their child's development.

I first discovered BabyFirst while I was pregnant, channel hopping for hours on end. I thought it would be perfect for my little boy when he finally got here, as all the other childrens channels were for a much older age group and from what I had seen, much more informative and catering to baby's developmental needs. A tool rather than a baby sitter.

As soon as Dyllan could see the TV (allthough now that I think about it, probably before then!) he was hooked. One of the things that really appealled to me, as well as fellow BFTV watchers, is the fact that it was a 24/7 channel. Meaning that it was allways there when you needed it, which was sometimes crucial at night. After bedtime its programs are soothing, perfect for wind down time and getting them off to sleep.
One of the night time programs featured kangaroos hopping about. This was the first thing Dyllan ever chuckled at, he thought it was great.

The programs are colour coded to help parents get the most out of their baby's viewing,
  • Yellow Flower for Thinking Journey
  • Blue Flower for Numbers Parade
  • Green Flower for Sensory Wonderland
  • Red Flower for Language Playground
  • Orange Flower for Feelings Garden
  • Pink Flower for Imagination Lane
  • Multi-Coloured Flower for Rainbow Dreams
Also, its content is multi-layered, so that babies of any age can enjoy each program on their own levels.

All in all, a brilliant channel, the only of its kind to be on Sky TV.


With pretty much no warning or explantation from Sky, BabyFirstTV has been withdrawn. And boy, the mums/dads and carers are not happy! Yes, you can still watch it online, but seriously, we've all been there trying to get baby to watch the monitor and things flying off the desk, or them getting down because sitting still is just so much fun!! - Note the sarcasm. I'd love to see someone trying to play along with baby gym infront of their pcs.
Please pass the chocolate tea pot.

Over the past few years, Sky have really gone down in my estimations. Charging prices that are for some people mortgage worthy and then axing good channels. I find myself saying more and more often that even though there are hundreds of channels, there's nothing on!
And now they have thrown away the babies' favourite and best channel. Nothing even compares to BabyFirst.

Everyone I've spoken to is disgusted that this channel is gone. Are you? Y/Y??

I shall be contacting Sky myself to see if I can find out why it has been axed and to try and make a plan of attack in getting BabyFirstTV back on the air.

Want to help? Watch this space, tell your friends and hopefully soon we can have quite a big campaign going! Don't these people know that Mums/dads and carers do not let these kind of things go without  fight?

Friday, 14 May 2010

Barefaced Cheek!

'Hurr hurr!' I thought to myself as I saw the latest blogosphere trend.
Started by a blogger in Australia, who, just happens to be, naturally beautiful. The gauntlet had been thrown down. Mummy bloggers over the globe began burning their bras and reaching for the cotton wool pads to reveal to the world their BARE faces.
The twitter trend started, #bloggerswithoutmakeup and blogs were adorned with fresh faced mummies - The ultimate sin to 99.9% of them!

No way, never! You would never catch me doing that! Even tweeting my determination not to get drawn in.

I'm not that brave.

Not me.

Then I read everyones posts on the subject. Most of them also expressing the 'I must be mad!' horror story.
And aside from being a little liberated, I felt....Left out! lol

So here I am, as I sit here now writing this up, after a long hard day of cleaning puke and trying to entertain said puker.

All I have on my face is moisturiser from this morning. I would like to take this oppertunity to thank the lighting, and flickr for making the colours look alot prettier!

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Got your copy?

Has everyone got the latest copy of Easy Living Magazine yet?
If not, WHY NOT?

June 2010

I've read Easy Living for a long time, It's one of those magazines that I can read over and over.
But why am I telling you all to go and buy this issue in particular? Well my lovlies, you might have to sit down for this!

The latest issue of Cath Kidston magazine and a fabulous FREE tote bag!

But wait...Theres more!...

An exclusive reader offer of 15% off at Cath Kidston!!!

Oh yes! Talk about goodies! And the CK magazine is jam packed full of gorgeous summer style for fashion, home and kids!

You know what to do!

Friday, 7 May 2010

It's DIY Friday!!!

What do we think???

As some of you might know I'm in the process of redecorating my house. The whole house that is.
The other day I picked up the majority of supplies to get me started. The paint, plaster, paper and some tools. What I have planned is nothing fantastical, but it will be hard work seeing as not only was it left by the previous owners in a state, I'm going to be doing this all by myself!

As this is going to be a long process, I thought it would be a good idea to set a day where I shall share whats occuring on the decorating front and anything that's to do with DIY really.
So obviously not much to report today, but hopefully by next week things shall be moving along nicely!

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Now here's an idea!

Whilst I was at the Robin Hill Spring Garden Show 2010 I got talking to a gentleman in the footprint trust tent about a new concept aimed to tackle the traffic congestion on the island that seems to be never ending.

The idea is, pulling the island into the 21st century (hauling, dragging, kicking and screaming no doubt) by installing a new network of sustainable and very green Tramcars.
However these are not ordinary tramcars. These are Translohrs.

The Translohr in action on the  Clermont-Ferrand network.

Unlike traditional guided buses, the Translohr provides a much more tram-like experience. With spacious vehicles and level boarding, quiet operation and no fumes, Tyres rather than steel wheels and
plenty of space for wheelchairs and pushchairs, it makes for an extremely comfortable ride. Its comfortable on the stress levels too, as they run "On time, every time!". That alone would be a very welcome change to what we are used to!

Making use of some of the original rail routes that are long lost, it means that the proposed route is easily attainable.

Artist's impressions:

I cannot stress enough how beneficial this would be to the island. Anyone who has had to rely on the current public transport will know just how poor it can be at times. Aside from the fact that we desperately need to be modernised, apparently, we're trying to be the 'Eco Island'?
Surely this is a perfect solution?

This proposal needs your support. We shouldn't have to struggle with the current services, bottom line is they are stretched beyond breaking point and a new transport system is long overdue.

If you have 5 minutes, please check out the Tranzwight website. There you will find all the techie bits and other important information about the concept.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Better late than never.

Just a flying visit to dump a couple of pictures of my latest silver work.

In progress...

And finished...