Friday, 14 May 2010

Barefaced Cheek!

'Hurr hurr!' I thought to myself as I saw the latest blogosphere trend.
Started by a blogger in Australia, who, just happens to be, naturally beautiful. The gauntlet had been thrown down. Mummy bloggers over the globe began burning their bras and reaching for the cotton wool pads to reveal to the world their BARE faces.
The twitter trend started, #bloggerswithoutmakeup and blogs were adorned with fresh faced mummies - The ultimate sin to 99.9% of them!

No way, never! You would never catch me doing that! Even tweeting my determination not to get drawn in.

I'm not that brave.

Not me.

Then I read everyones posts on the subject. Most of them also expressing the 'I must be mad!' horror story.
And aside from being a little liberated, I felt....Left out! lol

So here I am, as I sit here now writing this up, after a long hard day of cleaning puke and trying to entertain said puker.

All I have on my face is moisturiser from this morning. I would like to take this oppertunity to thank the lighting, and flickr for making the colours look alot prettier!


  1. I love your pics. Have you linked up at my blog? That way, everyone else can drop by and check it out. So long as that doesn't freak you out too much!

    Thanks for taking part.

  2. Hiya! *waves* I thought I had but I've just gone through the list, and its either me being blind or I didn't link XP lol
    Your Linky tools closed, could you add me? I would really really appreciate it! xxx

  3. You look gorgeous my dear!

  4. You have nothing to worry about, still a fresh faced youngling :D and very pretty!

  5. I’m glad you decided to post these pictures of yourself. You look beautiful, especially for someone who’s been cleaning pukes all day. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.