Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Now here's an idea!

Whilst I was at the Robin Hill Spring Garden Show 2010 I got talking to a gentleman in the footprint trust tent about a new concept aimed to tackle the traffic congestion on the island that seems to be never ending.

The idea is, pulling the island into the 21st century (hauling, dragging, kicking and screaming no doubt) by installing a new network of sustainable and very green Tramcars.
However these are not ordinary tramcars. These are Translohrs.

The Translohr in action on the  Clermont-Ferrand network.

Unlike traditional guided buses, the Translohr provides a much more tram-like experience. With spacious vehicles and level boarding, quiet operation and no fumes, Tyres rather than steel wheels and
plenty of space for wheelchairs and pushchairs, it makes for an extremely comfortable ride. Its comfortable on the stress levels too, as they run "On time, every time!". That alone would be a very welcome change to what we are used to!

Making use of some of the original rail routes that are long lost, it means that the proposed route is easily attainable.

Artist's impressions:

I cannot stress enough how beneficial this would be to the island. Anyone who has had to rely on the current public transport will know just how poor it can be at times. Aside from the fact that we desperately need to be modernised, apparently, we're trying to be the 'Eco Island'?
Surely this is a perfect solution?

This proposal needs your support. We shouldn't have to struggle with the current services, bottom line is they are stretched beyond breaking point and a new transport system is long overdue.

If you have 5 minutes, please check out the Tranzwight website. There you will find all the techie bits and other important information about the concept.


  1. It would be very expensive to develop the ifrastructure . Trams and translohr projects are generally best suited to areas of high population density.

  2. Anon, I should have mentioned that it has allready been confirmed that it will be government funded.
    Please take a look at the website and you will see that the proposed route is making use of the abandoned railway lines.
    In the long run it also works out cheaper than buying the new buses that are currently being demanded to be able to cope with the expanding amount of public transport users.