Sunday, 27 June 2010

The Mad Tea Party

So, It didn't go exactly as planned. I was going to coincide it with my friend's little girls birthday party.
But only 3 children showed up :(
And then, My camera was dying! so I only got a few snaps before it died :(




In short, I was very bummed out. Nightmare couple of days before hand, and then when the big cake went tits up, and all the food was melting and frying in the sun, it didn;t make for a very good tea party at all.
When the kids got tired though, and the sun got too much, we all retired to one of our houses and watched Alice in Wonderland....twice lol

Also, how rude are some people!? How hard is it to let someone know that you wont be able to make it?

But the birthday girl was very happy, and the children that did come were lovely.

I think what I may do, Is try and arrange another one that will replace this post eventually. Think of it as an 'UN tea party' party lol

Please follow the link above to see everyone elses parties that will without a doubt, piss all over mine lol

4th Birthday cake

Just flying by with a picture of a cake I did for my friends little girl on saturday.

Bit of a nightmare this one.
Came down the next morning and with the heat, it had cracked all over. Had to recover it, and completely change the design.

But she got her cake :)

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Pain :(

As I write this I am in tears.
My tooth, which I fear is now 'teeth' is back raging war against me.

It's unbearable.

I've been up all night in agony, desperately trying to make it to the morning so I can go to the out of hours service at the local hospital, and not have to go to A&E which would just be full of drunks.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Gallery - Motherhood

My official post for Tara's Gallery.

I've finally found a picture that I think encapulates what motherhood means to me.

Dyllan is running, as usual.

Running away from Mummy is his favourite game. He is so independant and really is allways running and never looking back.

This is how it is going to stay forever.

Allways running ahead, with me, desperately trying to catch up.
 He has his own life and I will never be ahead of it.

The Gallery: Motherhood - A background

I don't usually join in with Tara over at Sticky Fingers with her Gallery posts, but I do enjoy reading everyones posts every week.

The theme for this week is Motherhood. I had such a hard time trying to pick one picture that encapsulates the essence of motherhood, especially when I suddenly realised alot of my favourite pictures of both Dyllan and myself are now lost.

So I shall whittle it down to a few.

To me, Motherhood starts as soon as you see that extra line on your test, or when somethings 'different' before you take your test.
For 9 months you cook that little baby, keeping it safe, talking to it, preparing for it and in alot of cases, suffering for it.
I had such bad Hyperemises from 6 weeks I was hospitalised, lost my dream job, developed SPD and by 19 weeks was on crutches and coming up to the end was told I had to use a wheelchair (which I didn't, by then I'd had enough). My relationship with his father was breaking down right from the start and there were a couple of occasions where what I was going through at the time very nearly made me lose Dyllan. But through all of this, someone was still cooking...

Then there was the birth, which was just a barrel of laughs. Too long of a story to tell you here.

(But look! Mummy and Baby are still with us! :D)

Then, you blink. And suddenly they are nearly two.

(1st Birthday)

(1st snow)

(more snow)

(Summer fun)

I might add to this later, when Dylls a napping and my heads screwed back on. But for now, this will do :)

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

When it gets too much.

Do you ever feel so low, stressed and upset that your heart races? see red? you shake? throw up? cry? All 5?

All together now!

I wish I knew how to snap myself out of this.

Fed up of it all.

Fed up of being let down, running against walls constantly. Fed up of not being able to do anything, not being around my friends and not being able to get to them.

I'm trying so hard to start my new life and I somehow keep being dragged back. I know nothing is going to take my current stress away. But I keep getting shat on from a great height by life in general and other people who should be there to help me through it all. One thing followed by another and just when I think it can't get any worse, some how it does.



And I've just had more bad news.
And I've snapped.
So if you will all please excuse me, as all I have in my head right now is a constant *beeeeeeeeep* And this:

Thursday, 10 June 2010


The lovely people over at Green Kiddie have created a blogging challenge in light of the World Cup celebrations called Pass the Ball, where you reccomend 3 blogs that all have something in common.

I love to craft. I live for crafting. Having alot of stress in my life I need something that I can pick up whenever I can and put it back down when I need to. Crochet and knitting are my number one quick fix.

Here are 3 blogs that I love to read, sometimes over and over. They are 3 lovely ladies who share my passion and who I have looked to for inspiration on countless occasions.

So! I pass the ball to....

"I'm a Mum, dog-owner, keeper of chickens, knitter, gardener and grower of vegetables, lover of cooking, needleworker, reader of books and listener to music. This is my place to share the many balls I strive to juggle..."

"Thank you so much for visiting my blog, my name is Vanessa Cabban, and I'm so pleased you've dropped by! I'm an illustrator of children's books, working from home, and happily married to Hugo, with two Miniature wire-haired Dachshunds, Ellie and Douglas. I love being part of the blogosphere, reading your lovely comments, and feeling like I'm part of a community. I like to put up blog posts on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I hope you enjoy reading about my little world!"

"Hello! Thank you so much for visiting me in the Attic, it's lovely to see you. My name is Lucy and I'm a happily married, stay at home Mum with two young children and a new baby. We live in a 100year old Victorian house in the North of England which we are slowly renovating, and here I spend my days :: mothering, decorating, crocheting, baking, sewing, crafting and gardening. I hope you enjoy your peek into my colourful little world. xxxx"

I can't speak highly enough of these blogs!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


There are occasions in life that pop up in the madness of everyday life, that make you stop and smile to yourself.

For the past week I have been going through hell with a tooth. I never would have dreamt that a tooth could cause so much pain. Not just any pain either. I'm talking agonising, disabling, exhausting, take your breath away pain. So much of this pain, it makes you sick.

I never imagined that while all this was going on, I would have so many kind and supportive messages, 90% of whom I don't even know. In the thick haze of my painkillers, that gave me highs I'm pretty sure some people would pay for, these little gestures of care and thoughtfullness have kept me going.

When you're a Mum, you're not allowed to get sick. And when you're a single Mum, you're not allowed to even notice you're sick.
Bless Dyllan though! For a 22month old he can be quite the carer! He allways knows when something isn't right, still not at all easy though.
I can't afford any help. My Mums not well herself and she has my Dad to look after. It's just myself, Dyllan and some very kind and loving people that allthough they are far away, they're close enough.

So thankyou, readers of my blog who emailed me, wishing me well.
Thankyou to everyone on Twitter, who put up with my constant ramblings as I physically can't talk!
And thankyou to all my wonderful friends, the family that I have made for myself.

I love you all very much xoxo