Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Gallery: Motherhood - A background

I don't usually join in with Tara over at Sticky Fingers with her Gallery posts, but I do enjoy reading everyones posts every week.

The theme for this week is Motherhood. I had such a hard time trying to pick one picture that encapsulates the essence of motherhood, especially when I suddenly realised alot of my favourite pictures of both Dyllan and myself are now lost.

So I shall whittle it down to a few.

To me, Motherhood starts as soon as you see that extra line on your test, or when somethings 'different' before you take your test.
For 9 months you cook that little baby, keeping it safe, talking to it, preparing for it and in alot of cases, suffering for it.
I had such bad Hyperemises from 6 weeks I was hospitalised, lost my dream job, developed SPD and by 19 weeks was on crutches and coming up to the end was told I had to use a wheelchair (which I didn't, by then I'd had enough). My relationship with his father was breaking down right from the start and there were a couple of occasions where what I was going through at the time very nearly made me lose Dyllan. But through all of this, someone was still cooking...

Then there was the birth, which was just a barrel of laughs. Too long of a story to tell you here.

(But look! Mummy and Baby are still with us! :D)

Then, you blink. And suddenly they are nearly two.

(1st Birthday)

(1st snow)

(more snow)

(Summer fun)

I might add to this later, when Dylls a napping and my heads screwed back on. But for now, this will do :)

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