Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Gallery - Motherhood

My official post for Tara's Gallery.

I've finally found a picture that I think encapulates what motherhood means to me.

Dyllan is running, as usual.

Running away from Mummy is his favourite game. He is so independant and really is allways running and never looking back.

This is how it is going to stay forever.

Allways running ahead, with me, desperately trying to catch up.
 He has his own life and I will never be ahead of it.


  1. A lovely photo I love b & w ones! Yes i agree that our children will constantly be running forward while all we want (well I want!) is to look back and remember a time when they did not! Also for them not to grow so fast but it can't be stopped!
    Great post! X

  2. This is a lovely picture and very true words. Baby V can't walk yet but I know once she can we have had it, she's hard enough to catch crawling!x