Wednesday, 9 June 2010


There are occasions in life that pop up in the madness of everyday life, that make you stop and smile to yourself.

For the past week I have been going through hell with a tooth. I never would have dreamt that a tooth could cause so much pain. Not just any pain either. I'm talking agonising, disabling, exhausting, take your breath away pain. So much of this pain, it makes you sick.

I never imagined that while all this was going on, I would have so many kind and supportive messages, 90% of whom I don't even know. In the thick haze of my painkillers, that gave me highs I'm pretty sure some people would pay for, these little gestures of care and thoughtfullness have kept me going.

When you're a Mum, you're not allowed to get sick. And when you're a single Mum, you're not allowed to even notice you're sick.
Bless Dyllan though! For a 22month old he can be quite the carer! He allways knows when something isn't right, still not at all easy though.
I can't afford any help. My Mums not well herself and she has my Dad to look after. It's just myself, Dyllan and some very kind and loving people that allthough they are far away, they're close enough.

So thankyou, readers of my blog who emailed me, wishing me well.
Thankyou to everyone on Twitter, who put up with my constant ramblings as I physically can't talk!
And thankyou to all my wonderful friends, the family that I have made for myself.

I love you all very much xoxo


  1. i dont think an energy drink would be good for you if you have tooth ache :) instead you can have an ice cube, it used to work for me hehe hope you get better soon.

  2. Suck cloves... or clove oil.
    I have a tooth that is giving me hell to but it's a baby tooth, yeah I know, nearly 40 and I have 3 baby teeth left! Hope the pain goes soon!

  3. It's really hard when you're not feeling your best and you have kidlets needing you!

    Hope it's all better now...