Wednesday, 16 June 2010

When it gets too much.

Do you ever feel so low, stressed and upset that your heart races? see red? you shake? throw up? cry? All 5?

All together now!

I wish I knew how to snap myself out of this.

Fed up of it all.

Fed up of being let down, running against walls constantly. Fed up of not being able to do anything, not being around my friends and not being able to get to them.

I'm trying so hard to start my new life and I somehow keep being dragged back. I know nothing is going to take my current stress away. But I keep getting shat on from a great height by life in general and other people who should be there to help me through it all. One thing followed by another and just when I think it can't get any worse, some how it does.



And I've just had more bad news.
And I've snapped.
So if you will all please excuse me, as all I have in my head right now is a constant *beeeeeeeeep* And this:


  1. Aaaah Jaymee so sorry! I cannot hug you in person but I am sending one gigantic one via this!!
    Things will get better they have to and you deserve better than the crap being handed out to you at the moment.
    You are young and beautiful and have a gorgeous boy - these are good things and one day soon everything will get better and life will be easier.

  2. HUGS!!!! If you ever need to get away from it all we have a rather comfy sofa! :D xx