Sunday, 4 July 2010

Pampers Part 3

Again, apologies for the sound!

Pampers Part 3 from Jaymee Bundell on Vimeo.

Analysis: P&G's Pampers leak market share:

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  1. oh my god! they are not going to do anything?! I am horrified. Never ever using pampers again.

  2. Pass it on to anyone you know who uses pampers hun, we need maximum exposure!

  3. Just a thought Jaymee can you get this up on Your Tube? xx

  4. Its certainly an interesting post and yes there are other cases of this happening but ultimately they are a multi billion company and a few little consumers mean nothing to them sadly, they are not bothered by our childrens bottoms, they are bothered by the £'s x

  5. Youtube only allows videos up to 10mins in length unless your a partner of Youtube. In other words, PANTS lol

  6. Is only 300,000 diaper changes enough to 1) Eliminate babies that have sensitive skin and 2) Eliminate babies that might have a "build up" reaction to Dry Max technology. It hardly covers off all skin types does it? So I say that yes it may be break through in technology but it has not been tested widely enough on todays skins. P&G obviously think they are above their consumers as they do not appear to be taking on board any complaints made - it is such a blow for the consumers,that a once loved and trusted product no longer works and they have to go through the annoyance of trying other brands to find one they like - its a hard job - the orginal was perfect. It is sad also that P&G are having to "invite" parents to factory tours and events with goodie bags to try and placate! Interesting times - the proof is in the pudding and new parents will have the same problems and just switch from these new diapers. Sadly for the consumer it really is only about P&G making $. Good luck with getting your word out there Jaymee.