Monday, 30 August 2010

Secret rocket testing site on my doorstep!

First of all hello again! I've been taking a break from blogging and alot of other things over the summer. Had so much going on yet not much worth blogging about! It's nice to have a break once in a while though, no?

It's not very often I will go somewhere on the Island that I have never been before. I know of all these places, just never been.
I went to one of these places yesterday, whilst out on a drive about.


The Needles Battery at the most Western point of the island is quite an important player in history. First built in the 1860's for defense against the French it continued to be part of the south coast's defense in the two world wars.


France is that way.

The coolest thing about this place though, is it's involvement in the Cold War. Secret rocket testing anyone?

Go to this guys post over on Derelict Places. for some amazing photos and more about the history of the rocket testing.

It's no wonder they used this site, it's so tucked away, surrounded by sea. Lot's of it. The exhibition was closed when we got up there. It was late in the day so I just got some odd shots in.


Getting blown away!



On the left is the mainland, the right the island! You can jet ski, windsurf or kite surf over like the guys in the picture! :)





  1. wow I never realised quite how close the mainland is. Very interesting, wonder what lays in the sea off the coast there!