Wednesday, 29 September 2010

My journey begins!

I'm not gonna lie. I'm fat. And have been for far too long.
There are many reasons why my weight problems started.
Ultimately though, I wasn't being force fed.

I have tried various diets and weight loss programs, none of them have made me loose a significant amount though. But I have been researching this particular one since Febuary, and decided that it's time to stop thinking about it, and just get on with it. I have a couple of friends who have been on the plan and sing it's praises. I am so up for this, I really am. Enough is enough and it's time to be 'Jaymee' again.

So here I go! I would post a current picture, but I want to do my first weigh in next week first ;)

Wish me luck! :D

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Your Fantasy Husband/Wife

So I'm going about my twitter business, and the lovely @MrsLJHall of alerted me to her new blog post on your Fantasy Husband or Wife. Originally from a Living with kids' post by Liz Jarvis.

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By kookoocachu at 2010-09-13

A chance for some major male sexiness pictures??? Oh hell yes!

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By Kookoocachu at 2010-09-20

So allow me to introduce you to the men that live in my fantasies.

Number 1.

Leonardo Dicaprio.

There's something about this man that I just can't shake off. As a teenager he was a crush, and he has just blossomed into one of the finest peices of ass males to grace the earth with. He is also one of the most underated actors of his time. Chromeo put it perfectly when describing how it's better to be with an 'older guy' (With a little bit of life experience, the right clothes and the right appearance) Just seems like he would be a real classy guy to 'court with'. (I wont mention the bright green trainers he was wearing not long ago coming out of a night club...)

Number 2.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


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By kookoocachu at 2010-08-18

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By kookoocachu at 2010-08-18



Yeah, so he's a bit of a hipster, and his girlfriends a bit... meh. But my GOD does this man rock a suit.
Now, he's all well and good, but when it gets down to it (giggidy) I like a man with muscle. This is where number 3 comes in...

Number 3.

Tom Hardy.

And may I direct ALL of your attention to this.

My reaction?

Another underated actor.

Now people might understand why I saw Inception 4 times. You know, apart from it being one of the best movies of the decade....actually make that of all time.

Number 4.


Yeah I'm a gaming loser. And what?

So there you have it. Who's your 'Fantasy Husband or Wife?

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Dyllan's Birthday Weekend

We kicked off Dyllan's Birthday celebrations yesterday by taking over Southampton city centre with Steph of imcountingufoz.
He had quite a few tantrums, but looking back today his cold is really bad so probably wasn't feeling well at all.

The plan had been to kit him out with a new wardrobe as he is ever growing, but that didn't go so well. Why the hell are kids clothes so expensive? What also annoys me, is the only nice stuff for boys you can only find in places like GAP or Pumpkin Patch (same people). H&M will occasionly have nice boys clothes but even they arent exactly cheap.

After giving up we hit the playground for a few present openings and mass play!!










I think someone had a fun day ;)