Saturday, 25 September 2010

Your Fantasy Husband/Wife

So I'm going about my twitter business, and the lovely @MrsLJHall of alerted me to her new blog post on your Fantasy Husband or Wife. Originally from a Living with kids' post by Liz Jarvis.

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By kookoocachu at 2010-09-13

A chance for some major male sexiness pictures??? Oh hell yes!

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By Kookoocachu at 2010-09-20

So allow me to introduce you to the men that live in my fantasies.

Number 1.

Leonardo Dicaprio.

There's something about this man that I just can't shake off. As a teenager he was a crush, and he has just blossomed into one of the finest peices of ass males to grace the earth with. He is also one of the most underated actors of his time. Chromeo put it perfectly when describing how it's better to be with an 'older guy' (With a little bit of life experience, the right clothes and the right appearance) Just seems like he would be a real classy guy to 'court with'. (I wont mention the bright green trainers he was wearing not long ago coming out of a night club...)

Number 2.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


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By kookoocachu at 2010-08-18

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Yeah, so he's a bit of a hipster, and his girlfriends a bit... meh. But my GOD does this man rock a suit.
Now, he's all well and good, but when it gets down to it (giggidy) I like a man with muscle. This is where number 3 comes in...

Number 3.

Tom Hardy.

And may I direct ALL of your attention to this.

My reaction?

Another underated actor.

Now people might understand why I saw Inception 4 times. You know, apart from it being one of the best movies of the decade....actually make that of all time.

Number 4.


Yeah I'm a gaming loser. And what?

So there you have it. Who's your 'Fantasy Husband or Wife?


  1. Lol, love it! Leo is a hottie for sure - and I know what you mean about snake! x

  2. This really did brighten my morning thanks! But surely you knew Leonardo was with me all those years ago?? I gave him up for an older man....Russell Crowe mmmm! As for the diet hun, only do what makes you happy! Well done and good luck.
    Deb x

  3. Ahhhh JGL mmm...
    I very much love him
    I've loved him since he was baby faced and ponytailed in 3rd Rock

    I like to think my husband looks a little like a cross between him and James McAvoy (that's not why I married him, honest!)
    My husband also has the same mouth and smile face creases