Monday, 4 October 2010

CWP - Day 1

Today I started the Cambridge Weight Plan. Not exactly the best starts to be honest.

I had planned to enjoy my weekend and whilst not pigging out, still enjoying some treats. I bought lots of chocolate goodies and even had an Indian last night. Problem was, over the weekend I have developed a bug. I felt 'icky' from about Friday, but last night I was non stop puking :( So I still have bags of chocolate left over :(

So 11am this morning rolled around. I had felt so crap all morning I didn't even want to look at the box of shakes. But, I still had to eat, so forced and I really mean FORCED a banana shake down me. Could've tasted alot better, but wasn't at all horrific. After napping I had the Chocolate and Mint shake which is contrast was heavenly. Then this evening I had the Spicy Tomato soup which was also lovely :)

I also had my first challenge. Dyllan always offers me the last bit of his KitKat. Of course I refused, and he was disgusted with me. How dare I not eat what he offers! So I pretended to nibble on it, and then gave it back :) WINNARRR.

One thing I am struggling with is the water. I have to drink 4 litres of water a day and it's really hard. Especially for someone who finds it hard to drink much anyway.

So I suppose it's time for some 'Before' pictures. (dang it)



Please excuse the state of my mirror and floor. I've been decorating!


  1. Well done on starting! I hope you succeed - I am sure you will :)

  2. OOoo I did not know you were doing this huni! Good luck with it and keep at it. I should do it too - hubby says he wuvs me just as I am, but as you said I want me back! Suzie x

  3. well done on starting cwp good luck with it just have faih in yourself and you will do it. how much do you want to lose? i would like to start a blog it it easy to do ? i was reading ww mag and girl in there did eaxctly that and she said it defo helped her reach target. im not very good with computer technology but would love to do a blog with photos etc seen as i have a long way to go and tried everything else including a gastric band !