Thursday, 7 October 2010

CWP Day 4 - A day of feeling very sorry for myself :(

I'm gutted today.

I was feeling very positive. My consultant saw me yesterday and I have already started to loose weight. I'm on top of my cravings and hunger, and generally just getting on with it.

But today I have realised something which hit me like a knife through the heart. Most of you will know that deep down my place is in the kitchen. I can cook up a storm and I am at my happiest when cooking.
This is Autumn. My favourite time of year for culinary delights. I look outside, see the leaves falling in the Autumn sun and my head starts filling up with recipes for various pies, cakes, stews and soups.


My ritual of the first Rabbit Pie of the season has gone. So has the annual goody making for the children for Halloween, Collecting game meats from friends and gorging myself on apple pie.


As I read that last paragraph I can taste everything :(

So while you're all enjoying the season's gifts, please spare a thought for me :(


  1. Awww.. Am very proud of you though and wishing you all the luck & hugs you need to carry on!! Can I still beg of you to come and bake me pumpkin pie? I've seen your facebook pictures and you are simply amazing at 'cooking up a storm' . :) x

  2. I totally would if I didn't know I would cave in and eat some 'just to try it' lol!!!
    I'll tweet you a good recipe later tonight :)

  3. How you doing? Keep going I am right there with you and I have not opened the box of Graze in your honnor!! Now bout this Pumpkin thing I never have really liked.... make me like it with a low fat recipe?? Or does that not work? Suz x

  4. Low fat pumpkin recipes you say?? Hmmm I'll be back! I'll send you a message on fbook xxx

  5. hey how is it working ... the cambridge diet really works!!!!