Sunday, 24 October 2010

Haters to the left!

I wasn't going to breathe a word of this, because to be perfectly honest with you, I couldn't be arsed. But today I read Liz's post Two sides to every story and it got me thinking.

I thought about these 'people' and how lucky they are. Lucky to have the time to be totally consumed by matters that they feel compelled to follow people around online, talking shit, spreading rumours and generally trying to get to you.

These people are called Trolls.

I've had my fair share in the past, and lately some very colourful ones. I have my little haters relating to a previous relationship sending me nasty e.mails and laughable questions on my formspring and other places. I even have some little darlings through the blogging community sending me hate mail.

And do you want to know what I think whenever I read one of these e.mails or messages?

You see, you don't bother me :) And this sort of behaviour shouldn't bother anyone else. Because they obviously have nothing better to do, and have a very slack outlook on reality and the things that should really matter. You know, like real life?

So if you ever become a victim to these little trolls (bless them) just think of this...


  1. Genius. Just think of them as those things that live under bridges xxx

  2. Couldn't agree more :)

    I popped over here by chance from twitter, and had to comment on the spookiness - my little online shop is called 'Kooky Boutique', and I'm also a stay at home mummy, and my little boy is also called Dylan - but just one L - weird, no?! :D

  3. Oo-err Mrs! My nicknames Kookoocachu/Kook, call me what ever you want though, I'll usually answer lol! Your shop must be full of awesome things ;) I'm off to have a look :D