Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Kook Remembers: Primary School

Do you ever have a deep thought? Delve back into memories of days gone by and think, I really must write all this down?

Well, during the night my mind was racing. Thousands of happy memories were flooding my head from the time that I was in Primary School. On the Isle of Wight, Primary school was Reception class at age 4, and then years 1-4, ages 5 to 9. For me that was 1991 - 96.

I attended Whippingham Primary School, Here is a pretty crap picture.


It was designed by Prince Albert, his residence only being just down the road at Osborne House (I nearly got married there, how about that?) During his life on the Island he regenerated alot of communities as well as helping to design other royal residencies all over the UK. He died while the school was still being built.


Here is yours truly. Unless you looked really hard, you wouldn't have a clue I had a scar now.

God how I loved school. Both my parents worked full time, So I would have to get up at the crack of dawn every day to be at my Nan's house by 7am. She ferried me off to school for my first day, I remember being really excited but I missed my little brother like mad, he was only 1 and in my eyes, was the best toy in the world. The first thing we had to do, was be shown where we had to hang our coats and lunch box. We each had our names on a sticker above our pegs and mine was next to a boy called Harry. I wanted to be friends, but he didn't want to talk to anyone.
We then all sat in a circle on the floor and had the register. When our names were called we had to stand and say hello to the class. I can't remember the rest of the day too well, but I remember my best friend Maria and I making friends with a girl called Jenna (who I am still friends with) and talking about her to my Nan in the car on the way home (A drive of just 2mins).

There are significant points that make me smile. It was a very small school and when I went there had only just had a new mobile room built and areas divided into more rooms. Before it was just 2 massive classrooms and a dining/P.E/assembly hall. We only had 1 T.V for the whole school. Massive it was, and would have to be wheeled from room to room and a huge stand.
When it was to wet to play outside during lunch break, we would watch the telly. Often being gems such as this...

I remember being all sat on the floor around it, looking up at the sheer joy of the TV. Rain and hail crashing down on the mobile roof so loud it was deafening. Then a clap of thunder and everyone would scream.

While attending there was also the introduction of the Acorn Computers.

I still love them, and the games!

And how about the Valiant Roamers?

Robots in school!? How futuristic!

I'm going to be adding more to these memories when I can find some more interesting things like photos. In the meantime, perhaps you would like to share your favourite Primary (or equivalent) school moment?


  1. Aww, you were such a cutie! And what a pretty little school you went to!
    I remember Granny's Garden all too well! We used to have a TV on wheels too and I remember the huge video recorder and we all used to argue about who got to press the eject button!
    Happy days :-)

  2. OH MY DAYS YES! And the collective "oooOOOOHHhhhhh :(" when we had to turn it off!

  3. I remeber at my first school we didnt have changing rooms and got changed in the classroom and all of the boys would run to one corner and hide whilst they got changed and the girls ran to the other corner! haha also kiss chase sort of dies out after first school im pretty sure its classed as sexual assault after 1st school! lol