Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Sacla' Pesto Review

I'm sorry did someone say Pesto? I'm in ;)

There is always a jar of Sacla' classic Pesto in my fridge. I'm so lucky that pesto is one of the few things that I know Dyllan the two year old terror will always eat. It can go with so many things!
I love it in a toastie with mozzarella and tomatoes, Dyllan's favourite is a mix of pasta, shredded chicken, tomatoes with pesto all over it along with lashings of Parmesan. I even put it in mash potato.

I was sent 3 jars of Sacla' Pesto to try out, including the Classic Pesto, Wild Garlic Pesto and Fiery Chilli Pesto.



Aren't they just handsome?

As I said, the Classic Pesto is so versatile, and if you're not hooked at first taste, there's something wrong with your tongue ;)

Now for the new members of the family. Let's start with Fiery Chilli...

"There's a real kick in every spoonful of our fiery chilli Pesto. Just stir through your favourite cooked pasta and serve with a glass of robust red. Be inspired - brush generously on to skewers of chicken, wrap in pancetta and simply grill. Buon appetito!" - The Sacla' Website.

I love spicy food. It's not all about the heat, it's about the taste. Sacla' really hit the nail on the head with this. It is the perfect balance of heat to taste. The sweetness calms the heat whilst still giving you that 'kick' of chilli. I can imagine this being really good in the summer for BBQs, even just to dip yummy food in.

The Wild Garlic Pesto.

"Our new Wild Garlic Pesto is truly irresistible. The combination of gorgeous Wild Garlic and fragrant Basil will tantalise your taste buds. For a deliciously simple supper, just stir through your favourite cooked pasta and shower with Parmesan. Be inspired - spread a generous spoonful onto a sliced ciabatta and bake. For the ultimate comfort creation swirl through creamy mashed potato and serve with love. Buon Appetito!" - The Sacla' Website.

Oh my goodness. This was simply heavenly. Being an Isle of Wight'er I can eat wild garlic until it comes out of my ears. This Pesto did not disappoint me. I could have eaten it by the spoonful out of the jar. Perfect too for keeping vampires away this Halloween ;) I loved it so much, I made a vlog of me cooking up a quick meal of just Spaghetti, stirring through the Wild Garlic Pesto and covering with Parmesan cheese. Unfortunately, it came out almost black and you couldn't see anything :( Something I will have to add to this post later.

I urge all pesto lovers to try these new flavours. If you have never tried pesto before, Sacla' is your way forward!

Find lots of delicious recipes and the product range on their website, http://www.sacla.co.uk/
(PS; there is also a competition to win a trip to Rome!)

**I enjoyed my week off the Cambridge Weight Plan as you can see ;) For those wondering I was advised to pause it because I was poorly, back on it now.**

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