Thursday, 28 April 2011

I.O.W Spring Garden Show 2011

Easter weekend saw the return of the Isle of Wight Spring Garden Show at Robin Hill, a brilliant show for it's size and we return every year.

There is something at this show for everyone. It's not all flowers and the latest hot ride on lawn mowers you know. I could write a whole post on the food really. A food tent showing off some of the south's finest produce and a great selection of hot and cold food for you to refuel with in the catering tent. They also have a Healthy Lifestyle marquee, where they have all sorts of lovely eco things to help make your life a little greener and healthier.


So how was my day? Lovely.

As Robin Hill is a-wait for it, hill, It isn't an easy walk. It can be very steep in places so they have a tractor pulling carriages of people down to the show site which Dyllan thought was amazing. First stop was perusing a few plant stalls, I found a gorgeous light blue Hydrangea that I snapped up and had put side to pick up when we went home. They do have a plant crèche, but most vendors are happy to keep them themselves for you. We then watched a local Falconry display team and it's very lazy owl (those of you who like me are well up on birds know that owls are the laziest and dumbest birds on earth) and then one of it's falcons just sodding off for a while. He was having a great time miles away whilst the less educated, vest wearing, sunburned eejits were asking 'Why doesn't he just get him to come back?'
Time to move on, oh look a wine tent! Wait, a BIG wine tent...with wine... I make a mental note.
Plants and more plants, some very over priced sorry looking plants.
Midday rolled around and we headed to the catering tent. Mum, Nan and Dyllan all went to get their scones but I had something bigger in my sights. The smell from the grill pulled me in like a hyper active great dane. Isle of Wight beef cheeseburger?? Well I don't mind if I do! Clutching my burger like a newborn I walked back to our table when something else caught my eye. In all it's glory, a little bar in the corner with someone pouring out a shot of PIMMS. I place the burger on the table, taking care to make sure it doesn't roll off (we are on a hill remember) and off I went to investigate. PIMMS and lemonade 'with all the trimmings'. Well I suppose if I must. Lovely burger, PIMMS punch was 100% perfect and The rest of the party assure me their scones were lovely. A lovely lunch for a hot and sunny day. Onwards we trotted. I enjoyed the Healthy Lifestyle tent, it had taster sessions of all sorts of holistic therapies, Green and eco living products as well as organic skin care products. We had a lovely time and got lots of goodies, a special mention goes to a lovely gentleman called George who's puddings are heavenly who forced some PIMMS and Lemon pudding down my throat. OK that's a lie, I pretty much leaped from the other side of the tent. For a baker to go mad for someone else's pudding is quite rare, so let me make this clear. His puddings are amazing and they have my seal of approval. What better way to wash that pudding down than with more of that lovely PIMMS?


Day winding down and we had 15 minutes to waste, we sat and watched Vectis Corps of Drums roll march around the ring. I don't know if it was the drink talking, but as a former member of a rival marching band I had the most overwhelming urge to shout abuse. Then I realised most of them were 6 years old. No excuse for sloppy marching either way or their slaughtering of marches. My Nan commented "Do you remember when you used to play that?" to which I replied sounding nastier than I had intended, "It didn't sound like that..."
Yes I was a band geek once upon a time. And at that time we were a pretty shit hot one too. Let me share a secret with you, you know the whole American Pie stereotype of what happens at band camp? or just in a marching band in general? It's true. No, worse. I pondered memories of band drama when I recognised two of this band's members. Good grief. What the hell are they doing!? The two of them could march around that ring on their own and sound better than this drivel. I consider looking them up on facebook when I get home, yet as I write this, I still haven't.


This show gets better every year, I have no doubt it will continue to either.

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