Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bestival 2012


Time for a little round up of this year's Bestival. Whilst this year there were only a couple of acts that I really wanted to see, Bestival isn't all about the bands. There's so much to do all around the site which seems to explode every year, getting bigger and bigger.

I couldn't make it on the Friday but what was great about going up with Dyllan on the Saturday was that there wasn't a queue to get our wristbands and get into the site. I had been bigging up the Bestival to Dyllan for weeks and by the time we got there he was almost wetting himself with excitement. Thank goodness for the decent amount of loos dotted all over the place! He felt very grown up when he got his little wristband. I was a bit miffed though as all the fabric ones had run out so all I got was a crappy plastic wristband. Talk about 1st world problems.


Dyll's first impressions of everything was summed up with him turning the corner too look out over most of the site at the sea of people, looking up at me and saying “WOW!”. He laughed at all the outfits, high fived several of them including some Teletubbies that have probably scarred him for life but hey ho.

The wishing tree

 He insisted on walking up to the wishing tree which is a fair old way, we ended up sitting up there for quite some time resting and taking it all in. We then made our way down across the site, stopping at various places to have a boogie before chilling out in the area where the Boyfriend was working.



Getting on the juice

 Dyllan was loving everything but the big problem was the heat. He was getting so hot and bothered we decided that he should leave the site a little earlier than planned so after he was picked up it was back to exploring (and by that time, drinking).

Now, since my huge neurological attack last year I have noticed some strange things. This one in particular, is how I can now drink and drink and drink and only get tipsy. No drunken-ness, no sicky feeling, nothing. Which in my opinion is fantastic as I like a drink but not to get drunk, and after I had Dyllan it was 2 glasses of wine before I was at my limit. At the time I thought I had 8 pints of Pear Cider, I have since been told it was actually 10. 

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Cannot get over the size of this site now

Whilst on the subject of my MS, I amazed myself this weekend. They don't call it Robin Hill for a laugh you know. I stomped all over that site, back and forth and never had to stop half way to sit down, stumbled, or fell over once. Something that I (and my BF even more so) was really worried about. I thought I would pay for it over this coming week but so far I'm doing great and just a bit tired. Anyway, I digress.

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A zebra crossing. Of course.
I had to go home that night as I had no sitter for the bug but I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed for Sunday Best. As the BF and the rest of his colleagues were camping at the site I brought them all their BBQ food and another BBQ. The last two BBQs in Morrisons I might add, I felt like Superman when I found them and ran to the till. I even made them all cakes because I'm a generous bitch. This brings me to the food of the Bestival. Caterers of particular note were the Camp Cooks, Flaming Cactus and American Steak house. Camp Cooks we just fabulous in every way. Men in drag, in an Airstream style trailer, cooking delicious food. Only once did I pass them and there wasn't a long queue. Their Lime chicken was amazing. From Flaming Cactus I had a chicken burrito. It was so delicious but a damn mess to eat. Mind you, I often find that the messier the food is the better. American Steak House gave me a generously filled steak roll that was succulent and grilled perfectly. Yum. My mouth is now watering.
And so to Stevie Wonder. I have become accustomed to staring at peoples arses and gigs etc as I'm so short so I didn't expect to see anything. Needless to say, I didn't. But from what I could hear sounded great and the fireworks were brilliant. Then it was time for Four Tet and Caribou who I had been looking forward to. Two fantastic artists doing a set together? Yes please! Unfortunately as we made our way towards their tent we saw more and more people flooding towards it. I caught a glimpse of the start of the set but there was just too many people all crushing around, not to mention the idiots sat on the floor in the middle of everyone spewing their lives up. We decided to call it a night and head back to our campsite where I crashed for the night.

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One of the tents decided to go for a walk after the wind got up.

All in all it was a great Bestival, but there really could have been a few more acts for my liking, and as for putting Four Tet and Caribou in that pissy little tent was just ridiculous. As I say every year though, the Bestival pisses all over the Isle of Wight Festival for organisation inside and out. There were no traffic delays apart from slight congestion on the Thursday and Monday, but nothing major. There are always contingency plans as well unlike I.O.W fest, let's not forget who came to the rescue of the I.O.W fest this year and provided another car park for festival traffic. The site staff and festival staff for Bestival are second to none making the festival itself, I think, the most well organised large music festival in the U.K.  

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