Monday, 1 October 2012

Little Things That Have Kept My Chin Up.

The past couple of weeks I have been in a terrible mood. The kind of mood that young children pick up from miles away and makes them start screaming in their pushchairs. If I was to look in a mirror it would crack if I couldn't punch it first. I've cried too. But, being the good girl that I am, only once did I do it into ice cream. A 98 calorie smoothie ice cream at that. Perhaps if I could've afforded it, it would have been into a tub of Ben & Jerry's. which brings me to the reason for all this Emo-ness, the fact that I cannot find a job.


I'm not going to bore you all with the lack of employment facts of living here. Let's just say it gets really old, really fast and everyone is in the same boat. Even if I wasn't disabled and could work a 40 hour week I'd still be struggling to find work. I love the island, I really do, it's just living here that's the problem. 

So I need things to keep my chin up and keep me going. The male thing does a fantastic job of that, but here are some other little things that are awesome. 

First of all there is this, my perfume. 

Especially ESCADA

You know how every so often You come across a fragrance that you just can't get enough of? You crave it, and find yourself sneakily spritzing it like a perfume ninja when you see it in department stores or Boots. Well this is the second fragrance to ever have that effect on me (don't get me wrong, Bvlgari's Omnia:Amethyste is still very much my favourite although saying that....this ones coming close...). 

For months and months I craved this scent so when I finally got my paws on it I went a little bit batshit with excitement. I don't usually like floral and fruity perfumes but this really is beautiful and one of those perfumes that you can really go mad with without it becoming gross and overpowering. I strongly recommend you give this one a whiff next time you're near fragrances. 

A new snack I have fallen in love with.


I have discovered the brilliant brand Itsu. A range of delicious healthy snacks I pick up from Waitrose as a treat. These wodnerful rice cakes not only taste delicious (for a rice cake!) but really do fill me up. I can only manage one at a time and there's 3 in a pack so they are excellent value. So want something yummy that will fill you up without filling up your calorie allowance? these are for you. 

And finally, the Bug turned 4.


Yep, that's right, FOUR. He had the best birthday we could give him and a lovely little party. He even got a little shirt that as he put's it, is "Just like Ricky!" (his hero).

He even wanted styling wax in his hair...just like Ricky...

I asked him how it felt to be 4. He didn't hold back.


How did this tiny little very poorly baby...


Turn into this four year old boy?? 



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