Sunday, 21 October 2012

MS Update: Big Decisions Part 2!

Following on from my last post I have made my decision and I'm going to go for the Tysabri treatment. My bloods were all taken on Friday to see if I'm JCV positive or negative. Even if I'm positive I'm still going to try the treatment, in my opinion there are far more dangerous things and the benefits that I could get from it far outweigh the risk. I've read up on a lot of people who are also positive and are on Tysabri, all getting great results. Also there has been so much on going research into developing PML whilst on Tysabri, I'm confident that I'll be fine. Some of the best specialists in the world work where I'll be having my treatment so I completely trust them with my life.

So what is Tysabri?  
Well this short video gives you a quick insight. All very clever stuff.

I'm so excited to get on this treatment. I've kid myself for too long that I will recover from each relapse. You never recover fully and all I've done this past year is relapse over and over. Infact, the one that I'm currently going through is my 10th, so it's time to put a stop to this. 

Cheers Copaxone. It was a blast but you're just not working well enough!

This relapse is really getting to me. It's the worst I've had since before I started Copaxone but I'm determined to not take steroids for it. You're not supposed to be on them more than 3 times a year because of the damage they do, and since this time last year I've been on them 7 times. Lot's of rest, diet tweaks and staying calm is all on the agenda for me until this has passed. Hopefully it won't last very long, I have so much to do and that's not just the housework that multiplies by the second. 
In better news, check out this awesome hat we found in Tesco
I'll try and vlog later. TRY. 

Laters x

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