Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Cafédirect - Direct to my heart!

As I mentioned in my previous post, I'm a coffee snob. Unless my hands are being completely useless the Cafetiere is put through it's paces daily and I enjoy trying out new coffee. 
One day whilst trawling my Facebook homepage, skimming over the latest passive aggressive statuses a few too many acquaintances use the network for, I saw an ad for free coffee. Coffee? Free?? Of course I'm going to click. 
Their website says all the right things to me, Fairtrade and 'Made the small way', It's clear that a lot of passion has gone into producing this coffee along with a lot of consideration for the way it's produced. It didn't take long to convince me to sign up for my free sample and it arrived early the following week. 
It brewed easily and kept the gorgeous roasty flavour that had sent me mad when I opened the pack. Rich and gorgeous, perfect. I don't know what I expected, but I was surprised by just how delicious this coffee is and was actually quite distressed when I couldn't find any in my local Waitrose or Sainsbury's. I tweeted Cafédirect telling them this and thanking them for the sample, and they replied that both stored do indeed stock their coffee! I will ask the staff next time, hopefully everyone loves it so much they had just sold out. 
I really urge you all to try this awesome coffee, 
Read about their story and grab yourself a sample here! 

...And the crap coffee award goes to...
Kenco Millicano

I'll give anything a go if it's free, and in the latest issue of Waitrose's magazine there is a one cup sample of Millicano along with a 75p off coupon. 
I first laughed at the coupon, 75p? Really? It should be £1 off at the VERY least.
Then the coffee itself. I know I don't like instant, but the TV ads have all raved about it and like I said, It's free. Jesus wept. It really is terrible. 
Skip this one guys, this is possibly the most overrated coffee, ever. 

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