Saturday, 3 November 2012

Kook Loves! - Fatigue Fighters

Gosh I've been poorly. I'm currently refusing to take steroids for my current relapse which means it's really dragging itself out but I'm standing firm. I haven't even been able to do a WIWW post as if I'm being totally honest, I have spent about 95% of the past two weeks in my PJs and slippers, not helped by the fact that Dyllan has been home from holiday club all week with a tummy bug.Halloween night was spent with him doing his best exorcist impression but hopefully he's now on the mend. 

When you have Multiple Sclerosis, every ounce of energy is precious. I can't remember how it feels to be completely awake and full of energy, I'm pretty sure looking back that I stopped feeling that when I started going through puberty. Funny how after your diagnosed, all those weird things from years ago and even your whole life suddenly all makes sense. 

So if it could possibly boost my energy levels, I want to know about it! 
Here's a few of my current fatigue fighting weapons.


I'm a bit off a coffee snob. I try to avoid regular instant coffee at all costs but microground coffee can be expensive and using a cafetiere all the time isn't practical for someone who needs quick fixes and hates washing the damn thing over and over. Lyons coffee bag are brilliant because they taste great and have the convenience of the granules all being in a bag! No digging them out the cafetiere! You make it just as you would a cup of tea, The longer you leave the bag in the stronger the flavour (the better if you ask me). These are also great value and currently at Waitrose they're 25% off and just £1.94 (Normal price £2.59)  


As much as I love coffee, It upsets my tummy if I drink to much of it in a day. I have to have something else I can chug back and it's usually a can of Relentless. That, as I'm sure a lot of my readers know, can also make you feel quite rough if you drink enough often. I tried this drink out as not only does it boast being all natural, it was also on offer with 2 for £2 at Waitrose so what did I have to lose? 


Yummy goodness

Little did I know how well this stuff would work. I drank my can over 20 minutes at about 4pm yesterday and by the time bedtime came around I was buzzing. It took me hours to get to sleep, and then when I eventually did, a thunder clap of biblical proportions woke us all up, sending me into orbit. Cheers weather! that's another lesion on the brain! 


I discovered this in a free gift set, something that Clinique does very well. The items that I have tried from every free gift set I've had from them have all been wonderful and I have always found a new favourite product through the samples provided. I've always been skeptical about tinted moisturisers, I'm a girl who likes coverage! But I tried this and was amazed. The coverage is as good as a regular foundation and leaves you with a fresh glow, making your skin look a bit more awake than you probably are at 7:30am! Finish with powder and a little blush and you're good to go.



I can't recommend supplements enough. I take Vitamin D as it is extremely beneficial for Multiple Sclerosis, I've always known that I feel so much better in the sun that in the winter months, long before my diagnosis so I had no problem with being prescribed a high dosage. I didn't realise the positive effects it was having on my body until I didn't take it for a few days a couple of months ago. I firmly believe it helps with my energy, strength and general well being. I take fish oils because It's good for your body, skin, hair, bones, everything! If you're looking for new supplements to try out, these two are a great start. 

...And Kook Hates! 
Waiting to start my Tysabri treatment, fed up of this latest relapse and the fact that my local Pizza Hut doesn't deliver. Meanies. 

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