Thursday, 27 December 2012

What I Wore Wednesday


I am back from my WIWW hiatus now that I'm starting to feel a -little- better. 
I'm aware I'm a day late but general Christmas busyness and tiredness got in the way.

Yesterday was spent casual, we went for lunch and saw Jack Reacher in the evening. Most important part of the day though was doing my birdly duties and making sure the birds got their Christmas lunch where the male thing works. 

Jeans - Levi's, Shoes - DC, Zip up hoodie - Bench, Body warmer - New Look
Underneath I'm wearing a long sleeve burgundy top from Hollister.

I'm not a fan of Christmas as many of you know. When you have been brought up having truly awful Christmas days, by the time you get to being a 'grown up' it takes a lot to even feel festive as much as I try. 
We had the threat of being flooded this year too, as the lake I live next to broke it's banks and spilled out my little estate. Emergency services were pumping for nearly 3 whole days, a few homes evacuated but luckily my house stayed dry. Now it's still spilling out into the gardens and road turning it into a canal, but so long as there's no more heavy rainfall for a bit, it's under some sort of control.
This year though, whilst half of Christmas day was the usual 'experience' the rest of it was pretty damn good, even just to see the look on Rick's face as he opened his replica Arc Reactor. 

TTFN Kookskis! x

pleated poppy

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