Sunday, 24 February 2013

New Tattoo!

And a little update. I'm relapsing :( 
My steroids were ordered on the 11th and I'm still waiting for them due to a worldwide shortage. The soonest I can get an IV for 3 days is Wednesday so as you can imagine I feel like crap. One good thing about this relapse though? This is the first I've had since going to the gym 5 days a week, and I feel exactly the same as I did when I was diagnosed (when I was also exercising). It's just my sight. Half blind but mobility wise isn't as bad as when I usually relapse. Now though that the relapse is progressing obviously it's like I've been hit by a train, but still. Waiting so long for my medication hasn't helped anything either. I was due a relapse, but it going untreated for so long is hell and not what I was expecting. I just want to get better, it's really put a black cloud over my mood progress.

Anyway, let's have some good news, yes?

On the 16th I toddled off to Brighton for the Tattoo Convention. Very silly and dangerous going on my own but it's not like I was going anywhere where I wouldn't be safe if something was to happen like I collapsed or suddenly lost all movement in my limbs. 


I wouldn't have gone if it wasn't for something important of course...


Can we take a moment to appreciate the little bicep I've got going on here??


And fresh out the shower when I got home...


The journey home was hell and really did a number on me. Lot's of delays and changes :(

A week later and it's healing well for someone that generally doesn't heal. I've kept a close eye on it to see what it does and so far so good! 

Also I am so excited for the PS4. I watched the event live and squealed all the way through. Put my preorder down on Friday :D 
Now, Back to Metal Gear! 

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