Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Cold Weather and MS

Firstly, I must apologise for being crap.
The weather here has been so cold and wet for so long now it's left me very fragile, stiff and generally sent my worst and most painful MS symptoms through the roof. 
I'm struggling to make it to the gym 3 times a week, made even more difficult by the refurbishment and it only being open now at certain times. 


I did manage my London trip, just. 
It really took it out of me though and opened my eyes to how disabled UNfriendly London is, especially when you're travelling on your own with a suitcase. I'm still paying for it over a week later. I must really concentrate on resting and recovering.  


I wish I was still here...But travelling by car and to be in my own bed in the evening. 

Weather affects people with MS in different ways. Some people find heat makes their symptoms worse, others the cold. 
Whilst I do overheat a lot and it makes me quite ill, it's the cold that's worse for me. Everyone is different, but the symptoms I'm experiencing are extreme muscle stiffness and spasticity along with lots and lots of aches and stabbing pain. I think I'm also feeling the cold a lot more than the average person, as I'll be stone cold to the touch when someone in the same room as me is normal temperature. I'm also shivering when the heating is on full blast and I'm in a million layers of clothes. 
Another thing I'm experiencing lately is something I've not had for a long time, and that's the 'MS Hug'. The 'Hug' Is caused by a lesion on the spinal cord that causes muscles around the chest to spasm and tighten. Think of the Hulk giving you a bear hug. 
Also, my cognitive abilities have all gone to shit. I can't think at all. Concentration on anything is seconds long, if I can concentrate at all. The other night I even caught myself slurring my words. 
My body is constantly screaming for fuel too. All I want to do is eat :(

It's March for christ's sake. This time last year we had a heatwave and I was on the beach drinking PIMMS. I just want to wear my damn flip flops and be able to move.

In positive news, I'm starting my new treatment a week today. 

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