Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Heart Problems Solved (Hopefully)

In my last post I mentioned how my heart has been playing silly buggers, and I put it down to my MS. I Promised my nurses I would talk to my GP about it and yesterday I did. 

She gave me good news and kind of bad news. 

The good news is she is pretty certain that it's all being caused by the dose of my circulation tablets being far too high for me and my very low blood pressure. How I hadn't fainted at all I don't know. But all I need is to lower the dosage of the circulation tablets and my heart will level itself out. The bad news is that I'm on complete rest for a couple of weeks until my body adjusts itself. I know it's not really bad news but it means sulking on the sofa for a fortnight while pining for the gym. Something that I focus on and I use to fight back at my MS and all of life's other worries. 

Oh well. 

Blessings x

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  1. Hope is a medicine which cures all the diseases. Taking rest is not a bad news. It will give you time to blog. We pray you recover soon and be back on your feet.