Saturday, 22 March 2014

Jaimie Got Fat. Thanks Amitriptyline.

Something didn't make sense.

Unless it's a special occasion I stick religiously to no more than 1500cals a day.

Yes my gym attendance had been crap, but that was only because my MS symptoms were just too much.

My clothes were getting tighter.

I had put on an entire stone in weight since Christmas. 

So I told my GP, she knew I wasn't one to just let weight pile back on, and she agreed that something was wrong. 

We eliminated possibilities. Pregnancy, bloodwork, other medications.

She then reminded me how the past couple of times I had seen her I had said that I had some new - what I thought was - MS symptoms. 

She asked me to list them all again and she wrote them down:

Fatigue worsening
Blurred vision
Itchy skin
Constant urge to pee even on an empty bladder
Bouts of rapid heart rate even after stopping Adalat
Unbearable hot flushes
Excessive sweating
Hair loss
And of course the sudden weight gain

She double checked her screen, and then calmly told me that all of these symptoms are side effects from the Amitriptyline that I was taking. 
She said that it was ultimately my decision, but her advice would be to wean off. 

I was suddenly petrified. This medication really helped me get over my breakdown at Christmas.
But I thought about it, weighed up all the options and within a few hours I realised that coming off was the best option. I couldn't say that it was helping me sleep anymore because I was waking all through the night with the hot flushes. And this was never going to be a long term solution anyway. Nope, time to come off. 
That night I went through another sleepless hell, so the next day I decided to immediately halve my dose, 100mg to 50mg. Drastic and a bit fast, but I can't cope with these side effects anymore. The withdrawal I might have will be nothing compared. 

I've been on the half dose for 3 nights now and I'm already seeing a change. I never realised just how drowsy it was making me, I thought I was just more fatigued from the MS. The drowsiness now isn't even half of what it was before. This might be because I'm also sleeping better, now only waking a few times with a hot flush or discomfort.
The day time awfully hot flushes have reduced to a handful, where as before they were every 40mins-1hr.
The constant urge to pee has almost disappeared.
I've even lost a couple of lbs in just 3 days. 

So now that things are under control and positive I now have to really step up my game to get my weight back to where it was at Christmas. 
I know that the weight will drop off me quickly, but I've lost 3 months training because of this crap. Obviously I'm going to be careful but that doesn't mean this body of mine will get an easy ride. 
I just have to keep reminding myself of how lucky I am. If I hadn't been controlling my calorie intake, god knows what size I would be right now. 

Blessings x

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  1. Same for me on norytrpytilene.probably spelt wrongly but can't get up to get bottle. Works for me for pain but weight gain awful. Big problem for props who ate not able yo as active as would like. Great blog. X