Monday, 24 March 2014

Stopping Amitriptyline - Update

I feel like this is a good background track for this post!

- First of all I would like to say that I am not a doctor. 
Everything that I write about my medical issues is based on my own personal experience unless stated with proof of research articles etc.
As with everything on the internet like this, you have to reach your own conclusions.
Everyone's body is different and will respond to medical treatment or behave in a different way. What works for me may not work for you.
I will always stress the fact that you must seek professional advice when it comes to medical matters. 
I'm just here to share my experiences. -

As of last night I am now completely off Amitriptyline. Of course it's still in my body and will take a couple of weeks to be flushed out entirely. But, I can hand on my heart say that I am feeling really great. 
I haven't had a single hot flush today, which alone has put me on a real high. 
Until you've experienced major hot flushes every 40mins that make you feel so rough you're physically sick then you have no idea of how much it effects you mentally as well as physically.
I'm sleeping so much better. I still wake from discomfort occasionally through the night but it's nothing to me now. (The cat does still wake me randomly. I've come to the conclusion she is having some major lucid cat dreams induced by the extortionate consumption of organic catnip that no matter how well I hide it still ends up all over my floor suspiciously.)

The other horrid symptoms are all either gone or nearly gone. I'm able to get out of the house a lot more now that I don't find myself chained to the toilet, and I'm feeling so much lighter and less sluggish. My walking is still a little off, but I feel stronger to cope with it and I'm able to successfully rebalance myself more than before. It's still hard, I'm not going to lie. Every single step is calculated and executed with extreme concentration. But, that's just me tbh. Something as an MSer you just get used to. 

My performance in the gym is up almost 100% and I feel like I'm on fire. OK I'm still quite pathetic compared to your average healthy person's abilities but hey, sod it.
I'm impressing myself and my PT every single day and my god does it hurt, it hurts so so freaking much but I still smile and laugh with it. I'm having fun, and with every single rep I smash yet another goal. 

(You know what isn't fun? Having a B12 jab into really tense muscles after the gym.)

Speaking of B12 I feel like that's also making a huge difference to my energy levels, perking me up a bit in the process. They're definitely making up for the Vit. D that I've had to halve. I was doing brilliantly on it but suddenly it reached a toxic level in my body so we had to bring it right down. I'm having to have them every other day until my Dr says she's happy with my bloods. 

As for my mood? Well apart from being so busy with a million and one things to do I'm feeling great. I feel like I'm just at the start of a permanent high. Everything is going up and showing no signs of stopping. I'm so grateful for everyone around me at the moment, I want to hug everyone. My friends, my PT, the guy who owns my gym, my doctors, my nurses, my consultants, the guy in Subway who knows my order, the old guys in Costa early in the morning who always say hi and compliment me, the apple sales assistants, my neighbours, my car salesman, everyone!

Dyllan has also been amazing lately. He's turned into a real little gentleman. Well behaved, polite, doing brilliantly at school, he's perfect. Even if he does say that Mummy has "M&S".

Oh and I have no idea if I've lost anymore weight, I've been far too happy to even think about scales ;)

Blessings x

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