Friday, 11 April 2014

Another Infection Induced Relapse

It had to happen. I was expecting it. 

To be honest I'm amazed at how long my body fought it off for, but it caught up.
I'm still taking comfort though in the fact that this is infection induced, even though they can be nastier. It means that the Tysabri is working.

I'm so exhausted. I'm still exhausted from the norovirus and I've no where near caught up with myself from it. Now I feel like a building has collapsed on me. I'm so stiff I'm struggling to move, so painful I'm in tears and still have terrible terrible nausea. I'm having to really force myself to eat but it's so hard. I don't have the energy to stand let alone cook, as long as Dyllan is fed and happy that's all I'm really aiming for in the day. I've just tried to force a sub down me and couldn't even get half way through a 6". Very, very unlike Jaimie.

Needless to say, all that weight I gained has disappeared and yesterday I was shocked to find myself fitting into a size 26" waist jeans. That's 6" down from before the norovirus hit me. I have no desire whatsoever in weighing myself until this is stable.

All I'm desperate for right now is to be comfortable for 5mins.

Stress hasn't been helping much either. On Tuesday my bathroom turned into Niagara Falls and it came pouring through my kitchen and living room. They've had to make patch repairs that were finally done today until they can sort out an entire new bathroom. Yay I guess.

Anyway that's all I can really say right now. I'll check back in when I'm feeling a bit better.

Blessings x

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  1. i am sure jaimie, that you are going to get through it as well. i can see that you have got the strength for it. keep doing what you love