Thursday, 3 April 2014

Poorly Chit Chat

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  1. Hey. I wrote out a real decent little comment for you, talking about how I used to work in a university-based disability unit and saw so many inspirational people who have so much determination to go further in life than their limits, picking up on how your videos and posts give me that same feeling of both inspiration and also of total annoyance at myself for not having even close to the same level of pro-activeness. I was also going to say how difficult I find these to watch sometimes (in a good way) by seeing the reality of your condition and essentially watching a poorly woman have to suffer with something that I couldn't even imagine how hard it must be to live with, as well as how uplifting the others can be. The christmas one, for example.

    However, Blogger is rubbish and wouldn't let me log in. By that point, my comment was lost forever. Shit!

    So, just thank you for posting these and giving me some real food for thought. I will be an avid follower from here on in, and you will serve as gym inspiration in my session tomorrow. If you can do it, I have zero excuses. So thank you.